Our Pet Therapy Programs

Fur Kidz Sake Paul and Jelly.jpg

 “Reading with Dogs” is one aspect of Fur Kidz Sake in which first through fourth graders at area elementary schools are partnered with a dog to whom they read aloud from books chosen by their teachers. Often, these children are good readers; they simply lack the self-confidence to read aloud in the classroom. Over several weeks, this program helps bolster the students’ self-esteem (the dogs are quite nonjudgmental!) to the point where most of these kids are then comfortable reading in front of their teachers and peers. 

Fur Kidz Sake teams are partner with other in visiting students on the campus of UNCA. All these great dogs help the students cope with the loneliness of being away from home (and perhaps from their own pets) and with the stress of everyday classwork and exams. It does your heart good to see a bunch of college kids on the floor playing with dogs!

Twice each year, our volunteers participate with other dog teams in visiting prisoners at Craggy Correctional Center, a men's medium security prison located near Asheville.

Some of our teams are also sharing the love at CarePartners' Rehab and Senior Care facilities in Asheville.

Several of our volunteer/dog teams are participating in Asheville Regional Airport's "Paws for Passengers" program, greeting passengers, flight crews, and employees.

Fur Kidz Sake teams work with children at a domestic abuse/sexual assault shelter. Our loving and supportive animals are helping them cope with the trauma they've experienced.

Our therapy dogs are great at bringing smiles to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at Asheville's Irene Wortham Center.